Friday, March 30, 2012

Build your own story; you are the author!

Where you are in life, you wrote the story! Isn't that interesting? You are the author of your story, therefore you choose how to create it. Use your imagination and set your goals and go after them! With the right mindset and personal development, the path towards those goals will become possible. As I continue on this adventurous path of entrepreneurship, I meet a lot of people with lack of belief in themselves because of certain obstacles that are on their way. We, and yes I am including myself in this, WE have to learn to understand that life will ALWAYS get on the way no matter. Life got in the way this year, last year, the year before that and so forth. So when is the right time to take action? The answer to that is now. We will always have ups and downs as well as obstacles. Use them to drive you because those that succeed are those that took action when life got in the way. Cherish and use those struggles and those obstacles to build your story because if you move forward despite the fact that life got in the way, you will make it to the top and one day you will be able to tell that touching, moving, inspiring story to many people, that will be able to not only relate to you, but also build that level of belief in them that they can succeed as well. So when you are in a bad situation, you just don't stop and stay in it, you push forward so you can get out of it, and keep pushing forward so you are never in that situation ever again. I will leave you with this deep quote so you can let it sink in (and I do apologize, I don't remember where I got the quote from) here it is:

"You will pay the price of discipline, or you will pay the price of regret, either way you will pay the price."

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